The new technology is a traditional stretch sleeve with a difference. Instead of being limited to containers with parallel or slightly curved label panels, CCL Label’s newly developed Super Stretch Sleeve (or Triple S®) will allow them to apply sleeves to bottles which previously could only be labelled with shrink sleeves.

Capable of handling in excess of 50% stretch, the range of containers which can be labelled using stretch sleeves has suddenly opened up.







  • Depending on the configuration of the container and the required sleeve height, application speeds of 25,000 to 30,000 bph are attainable on the CCL Label designed and built Triple S® 120 applicator.
  • The Triple S® 120 has a twin film feed allowing the machine to maintain a level of efficiency while one roll of sleeves is being changed.
  • Triple S® Technology means that no expensive heat tunnel is required, thereby eliminating an energy-consuming operation from the labelling process.
  • Triple S® 120 can also be used to apply Standard Stretch (up to 10% elasticity) and Modified Stretch (up to 20% elasticity).
  • The high elasticity of the Triple S® film, coupled with recently developed stretchable inks applied on a 12 colour press means that Triple S® applications would typically use some 30% less material than a comparable shrink sleeve.
  • When the Environmental Footprints of both Triple S® and other labelling types (Shrink, OPP wraparound and RoSo) are compared, Triple S® comes out on top by a clear margin. 



Triple S® Applicator

Triple S® - Super Stretch Sleeves

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